Protecting Your Network From Intrusion and Malware

Did you know that there are literally millions of infected computer systems out there? Even worse, did you know that people will pay money to have hackers on the black market infect computers for them about a dime each?

In the security industry it is vital to get your system protected from malware and viruses that can compromise network security, passwords, or user passwords and systems. While we have virus checkers, scanners, etc. malware is getting smarter, and it’s important to be able to protect your IP cameras now, more than ever.

The question is how?

The FBI makes several recommendations from it’s Scams and Safety page.

I. Don’t drive in bad neighborhoods.

II. If you don’t lock your car, it’s vulnerable. If you don’t secure your computer, it’s vulnerable.

III. Reduce your vulnerability and you reduce the threat.

The FBI further offers the following advice:

– Keep Your Firewall Turned On

  • Firewalls act as a castle gate with gates that open and close. Firewalls are designed to allow only allowed guests and traffic into it, while being able to close those gates when the enemy is attacking. Each gate is called a port and is assigned a number. The idea is to keep as many gates shut as you can while opening those only when they are needed. By turning off a firewall, you are essentially throwing open the gates to your castle and saying “Come one, come all!”

– Install or Update Your Antivirus Software

  • Antivirus programs and software are like the soldiers patrolling the streets and homes of your town. They act as deterrents to crime and are great at catching criminals and would be thieves when they are in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, like in the real world, our guards can be every where at once and Antivirus software sometimes lets things through the cracks. To help our Antivirus guards out, we need to call in the militia.

– Install or Update your Antispyware Technology

  • Antispyware technology is like pulling out the big guns, special forces,or the army. The enemy has been sighted and we want to get them out of our city as soon as possible. We send the army out to assist the guards in pounding down every door, look in every nook and cranny, and root out those dastardly foes. Occasionally, we even have to figure out which member of the court is a traitor and execute them. These sweeps are the deep cleans that get into the files, registry, and memory of your system to find the enemy wherever they try to hide.

– Keep your Operating System Up To Date

  • Once we’ve swept out the trash and gotten our city clean again, it’s important to figure out how they got in. What would you do if you found a secret door in and out of your castle? You’d blow it up, or at least post guards around it. That’s how OS patches work. The close the holes or at least put guards in place to prevent future assaults. The more patches we can apply, the most secure our kingdom is.

– Be Careful What You Download

  • What city would be whole without it’s invited dignitaries and traveling minstrels, merchants, and knights? While most of our visitors are totally innocent, there are those that mean our humble little kingdom harm. What you download, or who you invite, into your town is very important to keeping our castle friendly and happy. Don’t invite the thieves guild. Don’t invite the black knight to the tournament. Don’t go through the thieves forest or you may pick up a stowaway that wreaks havoc once you get your carriage back home. Be careful what you download and where you go online.

– Turn Off Your Computer

  • There’s no better way to hide our castle than to turn off all the lights, lock everyone inside and cover our city with a bunch of rocks to make us look like a big mountain of nothingness. That’s pretty much what a switched off computer is. Nothing comes in, nothing goes out. It’s boring, but the more time we spend in lockdown, the more time it’s literally impossible for our castle to be invaded. It also saves on the electricity bill.


There are many other ways to prevent your humble abode from being attacked such as spam filters, regularly changing your passwords, using the right kind of passwords, getting a firewall on your network, using your router’s firewall etc. We encourage everyone to learn as much as they can to protect their systems and their computers from would be hackers.

One last tidbit. Don’t use default passwords. They make a hackers job very easy.


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